Tamil Development Department: teruvenkum Tamil Tamil herd growth worldwide

AIADMK- All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party Jayalalitha


  • In the world of classical languages ​​Rs .3.20 crore pls Chinese and Arabic languages, MITS, speach songs translation.
  • For tamilarinarkal mature age monthly pension of Rs 1,000 / – 01.12.2011 to Rs 2,000 / – is provided increased. Also, the first medical overalls 22.12.2014 100 / congenitally provided.
  • Rs .19.75 million in estimated growth iyakkakattirkum district of Tamil Norwegian development aid directors and logistics offices are enhanced as the service jobs.
  • 1,000 new Tamil words from other languages ​​have been developed.
  • Chithira announced Monday as the first day of Tamil New Year’s Day is being celebrated in 2012, celebrated its first government.
  • high school and college students at the district level, poem, essay, speech contest subscribers received the first prize money of Rs 1,000 / neighbor from Rs 10,000 / – most, second-prize money of Rs 500 / – to Rs 7,000 / – most, statewide prize money for the tournament for the first Rs 5,000 / neighbor from Rs 15,000 / – most, second-prize money of Rs 3,000 / neighbor from Rs 12,000 / – most, third prize money of Rs 2,000 / neighbor from Rs 10,000 / – most 2011- first raised in 2012.
  • The author of the best book publishing the financing of Rs 25,000 / – to Rs 50,000 / authors of the annual income limit to receive funding totaled Rs 25,000 / -Dil from Rs 50,000 / totaled raised.
  • the best book published in the last four years in the program, which funds have been provided financial assistance of Rs .18.04 million.
  • Under the project, the Women’s Literature Prize of the best texts, Tamils ​​living in addition to the two new categories have been added.
  • Tamil Nadu and other states and foreign countries serving in the Tamil and Tamil writers Tamils ​​and the Tamil organizations / associations which feature ukkappatuttip the commendation prize money of Rs 5 lakh is provided for the first year with a `tamilttay virutu2012am.
  • tamilarinarkal which feature the commendation of the Tamil tontinaip kapilar, uveca, Kambar, collincelvar, jiyu Pope, umarupulavar, ilankovatikal Awards was conceived in 2012 in the names of the first (virutut sum of Rs 1 lakh, gold and deserving) is given.
  • uruvakkupavarkalai computer software in order to encourage the best Tamil Tamil valarccikkakac ‘CM computing Tamil Award’ in the name (virututtokai Rs 1 lakh, gold and deserving) is given.
  • Identify enthusiasts hard for the development of Tamil, Tamil tontinaip their credit, to encourage “tamilccemmal Award” has been created. “Tamilccemmal Award” recipient of the prize money of Rs 25,000, will be awarded to deserving. The award, given to the district as one of 32 tamilarinarkal.
  • 200 ilantalaimuraiyinarukkuk annual poetry, essay, speech training and conducting exercises in various literary ‘ilantamilar literary workshop, “The program is being developed at a cost of Rs 20 lakh per annum. So far, 500 persons have benefited from the title.
  • Tamil Development Department on the basis of the book published by the official history of the state of Tamil, atcimolic law, atcimolic processing in relation to employees in all districts at a cost of Rs .9.30 lakh puttakkap being trained.
  • atcimolik district hold a seminar to present Rs 5,000 / – spending by the amount of Rs 20,000 / congenitally given to the elevator.
  • rare book publishing program, please log in Tamil texts minenmat minenmappatuttappattu 10 books have been printed in book form.
  • TL’s history and attractions compiled by foreign scholars have been published.
  • ‘moral treasury of consolidated moral ideas mentioned in Sangam literature “has been published as a book in the name.
  • The first period TL cankakalam to proclaim the praises of the Tamil language and literature organized by the famous motto of the book compiled and published ponmolik repository.
  • kaninivalit Tamil Development Program with the University to act in Tamil, Tamil Internet Corporation Bank Rs 12 lakh has been provided.
  • On the World Day is celebrated on February 21 every year. Rs 5 lakh per year has been allocated for this purpose.
  • alcu road in Chennai ‘Thamil Road’ has been renamed.
  • Tamil Tamil Development, Deputy Director of Development Aid Director workplaces workplaces has been a rise in the level.
  • Buddhist scholar Dr. Robert Caldwell extravaganza celebrating their anniversary irunurrantu completed on 07.05.2014 at Chennai and Tirunelveli District itaiyankutiyilum He garlanded the statue was special. Also, the annual Chennai Kamaraj Road (Marina Beach) is located on the garlanded his statue is special.
  • Tamil Development Department through the award-winning tamilarinarkal adding more special, the Tamil Nadu government over the concession travel on buses provided kattanamillap.
  • The tamilarinarkal border guards and their inheritance will be supplied to the increased medically offered Rs 15 from Rs 100.
  • nationalized Tamil Development Department in the books, 1,470 books have been uploaded on the website.
  • revolutionary leader MGR. Created in 1981, the revolutionary leader of the world-famous Madurai Tamil mother polivuttam they have been allocated Rs 100 crore club.
  • Global Tamil Union at a cost of Rs 25 crore to set up the administrative task of building a world-class library is going on.
  • Ancient Tamils ​​saw the pride of the present generation boasts advantages in terms of the value of Rs 75 lakh in Madurai Tamil Sangam Pavilion is set up.
  • Tamils ​​living abroad, especially students, to learn Tamil mitigate the risk faced by the World Tamil Association, Singapore and Malaysia, the two countries have held seminars at the Global Tamil Union were given Rs 10 lakh.
  • Madurai Tamil Sangam world, along with the University of Madras, pls hold a world conference of the ” Global Scholars and analysts are expected to attend.
  • set the world firm SPONSORSHIP Eventually, pension SPONSORSHIP, a total of Rs .6.08 crore SPONSORSHIP for other projects.
  • the best infrastructure in the world with the company pls Eventually art showroom was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister.
  • Information Center was established for the World Tamil scholars.
  • Rs 50 million deposit paid Tholkappiar launched ayvirukkai.
  • In order to show the virtues of palantamilar, palantamilar life Madras Pavilion, the World Tamil Research Institute to set up Rs .3.63 crore.
  • Thanjavur Tamil University Gallery SPONSORSHIP, a total of Rs .30.37 crore has been provided for other projects.
  • revolutionary leader Dr. MGR. If they are growing in Thanjavur Tamil University was founded in response to students’ interests, with a view to the necessity of building facilities, construction of two new buildings have been allocated Rs 15 crore.
  • Works aciyaviyal tamilayvup Rs .42.73 million provided to the company.
  • Tirupati tiruvenkatavan Tamil department of the University of Rs 15 lakh per annum, offered to sponsor the 3 workplaces.
  • Delhi Tamil cankattirkut than Rs 25 lakh has been given funding to build a Glorious Gateway.
  • Dravidian University, Kuppam given financial assistance of Rs .6.54 lakh.
  • Thiruvananthapuram, Rs 5 lakh has been given to the International School of Dravidian linguistics.
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