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AIADMK- All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party Jayalalitha


  • mono rail project in Chennai to Rs 8,500 crore in the first phase, 43.48 km on three routes DBFOT distance allows the government to implement.
  • Rs .236.63 crore in Ramanathapuram district, a 25 MW solar power station which produces the machine.
  • In four years the mandate to purchase 7,153 new buses Rs .1,354.21 crore. 4.572 new buses have been enabled yet.
  • 713 older buses Rs .48.79 crore updated motion.
  • The number of buses valittatap, increased to 20.684 from 19.167.
  • 1,436 start new routes.
  • Diesel price hike of the federal government to offset the additional cost of transport corporations Rs 1,300 crore it has imposed on the people. Moreover, the practice of Rs .578 crore has been allocated to cover operating costs and increasing funding for capital expenditures.
  • The first disabled climber to descend easily Chennai Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses introduced in ten specialized design.
  • The remote channels introducing the electronic ticket reservation system.
  • Rs. Government at a cost of 31.66 crore, global positioning system-enabled Mobile Devices All State Transport Corporation buses introduced electronic tickets. Preview of the State Transport Corporations, Tirunelveli, other associations payanaccittuk 13.627 Mobile electronics equipment supply. Chennai Metropolitan Transport Corporation is fully implemented in.
  • Long distances to various places in Tamil Nadu for the convenience of travelers. 123 (On-Line), from the booking centers.
  • From 37 November 2011 to increase the quality of commute restaurants.
  • In order to generate additional revenue COURIER cippancal and service introduction.
  • The annual average of 30 million students in all public institutions’, manaviyarukkuk kattanamillak Mobile Free bus travel cards being issued.
  • “and to the traveling ticket” system Vellore, Erode, Tirupur and Tuticorin Municipal Corporations Launched in June 2012.
  • 45 years of age and complete physical examination to more than 21.885 drivers. 20132014il, the program is extended to 45 years of age and more than 29.761 employees, benefit all Transport Corporation employees.
  • Perundurai Medical College of Rs .1.28 crore new CD Shade light quanta machine.
  • vipattillap Work Programme, Rs .9.94 crore vipattillamal incentive to drivers who work.
  • CMBT bus station or in a dorm room at a cost of Rs 17 lakh apartment building on 223 for two.
  • 14.089 pensioners who retired in September 2010 to October 2013 amounted to Rs .292.94 crore pension oppataipput provided in four phases.
  • 47,649 per retiree Rs .45.77 crore to Rs 24 crore arrears and 4.908 pensioners received a pension arrears.
  • ‘Tis the time an advance of Rs 2,000 / neighbor from Rs 5,000 / – rises.
  • 30,307 drivers, conductors and technical posts have been filled so far.
  • 569 vacant posts in the field of motor vehicle operation and maintenance.
  • 368 beneficiaries of the State Transport Corporation employees appointed on compassionate grounds.
  • 2012-2013 According to the State Transport Corporations panivaranmurai of employees working in the proxy is 9.157.
  • Rs .3.38 crore, development workshop and bus stations, the staff rest rooms.
  • Rs .18.60 crore, Transport Corporation depots concrete floor system.
  • Transport Corporation employees with disabilities on December 3 each year to allow special leave with pay.
  • Engineering diploma course at the Polytechnic Institute of Road Transport launched.
    • Road Transport Company Engineering College, Erode civil engineering segment, the automotive engineering sector per capita allocation of 30 additional locations.
    • The new accident victims in the accident compensation of Rs 80 crore, funded through the program.
    • 2012-2013- 219 buses were in court to recover the Rs .13.91 crore on bail.
    • international standards of research and training in the driving school at a cost of Rs 15 crore in Tiruvallur district Gummidipoondi Setting.
    • Waste Buses electronic auction system was introduced in the bidding process for all public institutions’.
    • 74 steps to set up new workstations. 9 workstations Rs .7.57 crore have been opened so far.
    • Tamil Nadu Transport Corporations of the Year 20112012am central tittakkulup appreciation for operational efficiency.
    • Operating Distance 5.25 km per liter of fuel can run buses 5.30 km route Increase in the score.

The mother of drinking water station was installed at Gummidipoondi by State Transport Corporation Quick. In addition, a mother drinking station will be established in Gummidipoondi by Metropolitan Transport Corporation. Order and buy 100 minibuses 20142015il. Order 20142015il raise to 250 from 200.

  • Government Rapid Transport Corporation buses for the convenience of passengers who travel long distances to Srirangam & ndash; Start of two buses with the food facility in Chennai channel.
  • Rs .3.55 crore for the Chennai Metropolitan buses are allowed to implement the Mobile travel card.
  • Karur, Nagapattinam, Tuticorin and feeder zones at the beginning of the new Transport Corporation.
  • State Transport Corporation workers to voluntarily provide a blood donation program launcher. Hon’ble Chief Minister’s birthday on the same day, a Guinness world record of 53.129 workers were donating blood.
  • State Transport Corporation, headquartered in Tirunelveli office is housed was built at a cost of Rs 1 crore.
  • Chromepet, Pollachi, Karur in the construction sector and set up a cage and allow extra buses. In addition, the unit is functioning kuntukattum Chromepet and Pollachi.
  • 13 district capitals and the heavy vehicle driver’s training centers are allowed to form.
  • 2014-2015 Tondiarpet Ayanavaram in Pudukkottai TYRE division and branch refurbishment, expansion of Rs 3 crore.
  • 2014-2015 career goal, Transport Workers, Rs 25 lakh per annum at a cost, high-tech training program.
  • Transport Corporation workers at work, from the family of free travel concession of 5,500 km and 4,500 km of the promotion.
  • 200 transport workers drinking water purification machines, workshop and implementation in enterprises at a cost of Rs 3 crore.
  • Wedding subsidized transport workers’ daughter and son, respectively, of Rs 30,000 / – to Rs 50,000 / – E and Rs 20,000 / – to Rs 50,000 / – to increase power.
  • Transport Workers’ funeral expenditure of Rs 2,000 / – to Rs 3,000 / – rises.
  • pinaiyil court to recover the 544 buses, Rs .39.73 crore have been issued to allow the process to deposit 20142015il.
  • 2015- arivikkappattatirkinanka in 20122014am year, seven transport corporations of various performances, with 12 awards from the Association of State Road Transport Corporations (ASRTU), respectively.
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