Demanding General Secretary Election by KCP

MGR & Amma’s Governance

Special Projects Implementation Department, rushed to the scientific usefulness of the student, whose laptop, women’s workloads to reduce the cost and fan, mixer and grinders

Special programs to monitor the process of the formation of a separate state for the first time. Free Fan, mixer and grinder Supply 1.85 crore families in order to reduce women’s workload, the plan has been implemented. So far, funding has been allocated Rs .6,870 crore. 95,93,432 female beneficiaries have benefited. Student / free laptop …

Tamil Development Department: teruvenkum Tamil Tamil herd growth worldwide

In the world of classical languages ​​Rs .3.20 crore pls Chinese and Arabic languages, MITS, speach songs translation. For tamilarinarkal mature age monthly pension of Rs 1,000 / – 01.12.2011 to Rs 2,000 / – is provided increased. Also, the first medical overalls 22.12.2014 100 / congenitally provided. Rs .19.75 million in estimated growth iyakkakattirkum …

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Youth Welfare and Sports Development Department: Rural district sports centers, world-class sporting equipment

from Rs 1 crore as prize money for the winner of Olympic gold increase of Rs 2 crore. Asian, to win the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games incentive of Rs 50 lakh and Rs 30 lakh for winning a silver medal and a bronze medal for winning the hike of Rs 20 lakh. In …

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